Pressure Sand Filters – PSF

Pressure Sand Filter

General Details

HATCO Design & Develop the Pressure Sand Filter sizes based on water quality to make filtration velocity through Sand Filter Medias. These filters are mainly used to remove Turbidity, TSS and filter up to 50 micron Level.
Filtration taking place through the filtration bed of pressure filters [known as fine filtration] removes especially turbidity, colloid substances, undesirable colour or odour, microbiological contamination, and some ammonia ions, precipitated iron, manganese from water and it reduces water acidity as well.

Available at, FRP, Mild Steel, SS, FRP with inner lining of FRP/ Rubber/Epoxy

Type: Vertical & Horizontal

Flow rate: 01m3/hr to 100m3/hr

For the purpose of a proper removal of these substances from water and to obtain the requested quality of output water it is necessary to propose a suitable filtration process. The actual filtration through pressure filters is complemented with aeration, clarification, coagulation, static mixers, disinfection… The kind of the filtration medium used is very important as well.

Hatco System

HATCO SYSTEMS is the proprietor concern run by Technocrat Entrepreneur with two decades of experience in water and water line products established on 2006 handling various projects across India. 100% eco friendly products knowing environmental needs and mass controlling the pollution in water for various industries.