Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

General Details

Hatco system provides packaged sewage water treatment plant.


  • Offers high-load and expeditious treatment, and easy maintenance.
  • Nitrogen can be removed through its anaerobic filter chamber.
  • Sludge can be stored in high concentration in the separation box. The sludge only needs to be drawn once every 6-12 months.
  • Comes in three styles and body types (capsule chamber, cylindrical chambers ofφ2170 andφ 2500) and this makes possible to meet various water quality criteria and installation space requirements.
  • Energy-saving blowers keep running costs low.
  • The most updated automated machinery ensures stable high-quality product anufacturing.
Parameters Raw water BA/BAE BJ/BJE
pH [ – ] 6.4 – 8.6 6 – 9 6 – 9
BOD [mg/L] 300 20 20
CODcr [mg/L] 400 100 80
KMnO4 [mg/L] 85
TSS [mg/L] 200 50 50
NH3 [mg/L] 50 10
Oil & Grease [mg/L] 40 10 10
MBAS [mg/L] 2
We can make any kind of adjustments for water qualities other than those listed above.
Hatco System

HATCO SYSTEMS is the proprietor concern run by Technocrat Entrepreneur with two decades of experience in water and water line products established on 2006 handling various projects across India. 100% eco friendly products knowing environmental needs and mass controlling the pollution in water for various industries.