Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation

General Details

Hatco systems provides, Dissolved Air Flotation technology (DAF) has proven to be very successful as a pre-treatment step. Hatco’s DAF units stand out as the best in its field. To determine the unit application, several drivers will be taken into account to execute the unit in stainless steel, (super) duplex or concrete:em, not by a true vacuum.)

  • Transporation
  • Flexibility
  • Footprint
  • Water capacity.

For decades the Hatco Systems Dissolved Air flotation unit has been known as the most robust and best DAF unit available on the market.

However, in response to variations in industrial activity and customers’ requirements to quickly and efficiently relocate production facilities, Hatco has now redesigned their DAF concept. The result is an even more efficient system than before.

The Hatco’s Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system is based on innovative and intelligent aeration system which forms fine air bubbles for the separation of particles

  • Drinking water intake;
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Desalination
  • Process water production
  • Industrial zones.
Hatco System

HATCO SYSTEMS is the proprietor concern run by Technocrat Entrepreneur with two decades of experience in water and water line products established on 2006 handling various projects across India. 100% eco friendly products knowing environmental needs and mass controlling the pollution in water for various industries.