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Deen Sofener For Homes And Buildings

Now it’s time to get serious for water softeners crafted for Homes and Buildings because Water Softener handle the deportation of the ions that cause the water to be hard, generally calcium and magnesium ions.
The best way to soften water is to use “Deen Softener”. You can connect it directly to the water supply.

Pure Water

Pure Water is the life and blood of all pipes, equipment’s, heating systems on every home, buildings and commercial applications. Its’ chemical characteristics can make a huge difference between a building that runs with DEEN and last’s for decades without scale, corrosion and biofouling. On the other hand, system’s that runs with Water Softeners can develops Expensive Corrosion issues causing bacteria to grow within months of startup. rhoncus varius.


  • Reduces both hardness
  • Reduces tds
  • No regeneration chemicals
  • Backwash enabled
  • Absorption method
  • Automatic system
  • Less backwash water
  • Very low ferequent of b/w
  • Works upto 3000ppm tds
  • Eleminates ro at low tds water
  • Add series deen softener depend on load
  • Available at counter model


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Hatco System

HATCO SYSTEMS is the proprietor concern run by Technocrat Entrepreneur with two decades of experience in water and water line products established on 2006 handling various projects across India. 100% eco friendly products knowing environmental needs and mass controlling the pollution in water for various industries.